4 ICOs to Watch for in Early 2018

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the foundation and starting-point of every cryptocurrency. This is true whether the coin traded as a security for its own value or as a utility coin with real-world application. Everyone has heard of Ethereum (the biggest ICO success story of all time), Litecoin, Monero, and Bitcoin. However, not many have heard about the lesser known cryptocurrencies gunning for the same success. Here are four ICOs to watch for in early 2018.


The team at Cypherium comprises developers that have worked for Microsoft, Google and Amazon, meaning they have an experienced technical background. They are in the process of developing a blockchain technology with a unique multi-level governance design, which they have developed from scratch. It creates a division in governance at the application and protocol layer. Its built-in complexity will allow for better security and more effective application use.


Loci has now expanded its platform, allowing its users to use native tokens called LOCIcoin to purchase and sell intellectual property. Founded in 2015, The platform has made strides in updating and simplifying the way people create patents. With InnVenn, Loci’s search tool for intellectual property, users have the capability to post the creation and disclosure of their new intellectual property onto Ethereum’s blockchain technology, allowing propagation, investment, and security all at once. This makes Loci a coin for the innovation age.


Rentberry’s platform has successfully automated the steps people take when renting a property, from signing agreements to making payments. Both the landlord and tenant save time and money by automating the renting process. Because it is a coin based on a demonstrable real-world application an outlier, Rentberry is an outlier in the hype-driven world of cryptocurrency. As a result, Rentberry should persist through market fluctuations in other cryptocurrencies.


Experty has expectations to become huge in the coming years. On Experty, professionals receive payment using native tokens for the services they provide, bypassing any third party intermediaries. The payments are fast and secure and the services are provided via voice and video calls. In addition, Experty takes advantage of blockchain’s decentralized structure to remove as many middlemen as possible. A coin for the gig economy linking a token to individual professional output could be a potential success. Watch this space.

There will be many more ICOs this year. Unsurprisingly, it is easy to get lost trying to figure which ones represent the best investment. The key is to remember that, as a new technology, blockchain innovations and cryptocurrency offer potentially huge upsides, with very little data on how they will perform as market objects over time. Move carefully, but identify ICOs in the coming year that relate clearly to value in the real world market. In conclusion, the growth of the cryptocurrency will see more and more solid applications of blockchain technology, and ICOs are a perfect time to get in on the ground floor of an innovation that could last for a very long time.

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