Community Knowledge

The Digital Currency Council of Africa (DCCA) is an institution in pursuit of building a community of professionals with the intention of expanding the knowledge and participation of Africans in the fields of digital currency and blockchain technology.

Knowledge Base

The DCCA will disseminate up to date market information, provide online courses to increase the knowledge base of the professional members, and research how digital currency and blockchain technology can be harnessed to empower the members.

Innovation & Application

The idea to establish DCCA was in response to the rising popularity of Bitcoin, as well as the advent of all the other unique digital currencies and blockchain technology. These innovation have gained significant popularity globally, although less adoption and notoriety on the continent of Africa. There is still a lot of confusion over what exactly these new innovations are and how members can utilize them. The DCCA will work to change that.

Global Team

Our team is well trained, courteous and able to take care of our members’ needs, providing accurate and timely response. We are specialized in digital currency, research and training both locally and internationally, and plan to grow that team to all of Africa.

How can I educate myself on Digital Currencies?

Use DCCA to educate yourself on digital currencies and digital currency trends:

How do I invest in digital currency?

Read our guide to using coin wallets. 

How do I advertise on DCCA?

DCCA welcomes prospective advertisers who are looking to reach those engaged or interested in finance across the African continent and beyond. 

Please contact to learn more!

How do I follow cryptocurrency markets?

Follow cryptocurrency values and rates using the Markets service provided by the Digital Currency Council of Africa and powered by Synaptik. 

Markets allows users to:

  • Follow cryptocurrency values in real time
  • Steam updates of trading rates between fiat and digital currencies
  • Analyze trading values over selected periods of time
  • Receive daily industry insights that are important to you as a trader

Sign up here to be the first to know when we launch!

Who do I contact if I have any questions for DCCA?

Please feel free to contact us anytime at

Nice to meet you...

Kueth Duany


Beginning in 2006, a young business owner named Kueth Duany founded several successful companies across his home nation of South Sudan. Then, tragedy struck. War broke out in South Sudan during 2013, sinking the value of his businesses and placing Kueth on the brink of financial collapse.

Right at this time, Kueth began researching and investing in Bitcoin. He was intrigued by how Bitcoin allowed him to place value in a financial system designed to mitigate the economic influences from a single country while providing opportunities for individuals from all economic backgrounds to generate their own returns. Since 2014, Kueth has used his experience in Bitcoin and currency investing to return all the value (and more) that he lost following the outbreak of war in South Sudan.

Kueth’s experience makes him passionate about how Africans can harness the growing power of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to improve their economic situation. The Digital Currency Council of Africa (DCCA) was borne out of his interest to spread insights and educational opportunities so that anyone can become a skillful crypto investor.

In addition to being a cryptocurrency thought leader on the African continent, Kueth is a serial entrepreneur with interests in technology. Kueth serves as the CEO and co-Founder of Ch’iang Wei, a private commodities trading and logistics company based out of East Africa, as well as a founding member of the Duany Group, a family real estate and investment business with property assets in South Sudan, USA, and East Africa.

Kueth, a former collegiate and professional basketball player, is still quite active in the sport of basketball in Africa. He coaches, mentors, and helps provide opportunities for youth in basketball through Sport Revolution, A-Hope Foundation, and The Fam Program in Nairobi, Kenya. He is also active in other non-for-profit work, serving as a board member for South Sudan Friends International (SSFI) and KUSH Inc., an organization devoted to holistic living and learning.

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