Cryptocurrency Leaders of Africa

The impact that cryptocurrencies have had on societies across the globe has been huge. These technologies have helped many companies make profits, and numerous individuals have seen considerable success, particularly in Africa. Here are 5 of the most prominent leaders in cryptocurrency in Africa.

Vinny Lingham (Founder of Civic)

Lingham is a venture capitalist from South Africa known for setting up Civic, a startup based on blockchain. His company takes advantage of blockchain technology to prevent fraud by making identities more secure. Not even banks can access your personal information without Civic notifying you, giving you the opportunity to deny or approve the request for information, and allowing users to get a sense of self-controlled security no matter what the political or economic environment they work in.

John Karanja (Founder of BitHub Africa)

Karanja is from Kenya and is known as the founder of BitHub Africa. Bithub Africa is a blockchain accelerator providing incubation and consultancy services for people and companies interested in blockchain technology. Karanja acknowledges that Bitcoin might not solve all of the difficulties Africa is facing. However, he sees it as an innovative and cost-effective technology that will allow people to exchange value freely, without any borders, and as such that it will be a driver of positive and empowering change in Africa.

Riccardo Spagni (Founder of Monero)

Almost everyone knows Bitcoin, but that is not the only popular digital cryptocurrency available. One other popular cryptocurrency is Monero, created by the South African entrepreneur Riccardo Spagni. Since its 2014 inception, the digital currency has been sitting at number ten on the most-traded cryptocurrencies, according to Marketcap. What makes Monero stand out from the rest is that it claims to be “secure, private and untraceable,” using a linguistic approach which also allows human-friendly accessibility. Phrases encrypt everything, rendering any stolen account files useless to anyone who steals them.

Elisha Owusu Akyaw (Founder of Token Media)

Elisha Owusu Akyaw from Ghana is the kind of success story that you only get in the early days of an exciting new technology. At only 16 years old, he is still in high school studying as senior student, but he is the CEO of Token Media, which is a marketing firm based on cryptocurrency that he founded in 2017. The firm helps projects based on blockchain reach their intended audience. Token Media has helped in the development of many local blockchain projects. Companies have raised $40 million in token sales through the firm’s marketing services. This makes this young man one of the most influential cryptocurrency leaders in Africa.

Felix Onyemechi Ugoji (Founder of Kobocoin)

Felix Onyemechi Ugoji, a UK-based Nigerian developer and entrepreneur, founded Kobocoin. Kobocoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency and system for making micropayments. Kobocoin runs on Proof-of-Stake (PoS), a blockchain network for cryptocurrencies that works on a consensus mechanism. This means every time kobocoins are minted, those users who have used a funded kobocoin wallet to verify transactions (stake their coins) on Kobocoin’s blockchain are eligible to receive newly-minted coins; building community and accountability whilst maintaining security.

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