Top 10 Blockchain Companies in Africa

Created to avoid government and bank oversight that often assimilates power to one entity that can control and change the value of currency, Blockchains are a key component of the digital currency ecosystem. Some state that it is the genius behind Bitcoin and is what will revolutionize many other industries. In addition, Blockchains can serve as a digital ledger system, which can record and verify a transaction from two or more parties in an efficient and permanent way. Blockchains allow for peer-to-peer networking of cryptography in decentralized manner, instead of one central entity of control, and no intermediate receiving information. It is used for securely recording payments in digital currencies, handle complex transactions, and smart contracts. Information of the blockchain is available to all involved and controlled by no one central figure or entity.

In Africa, there are a number of Blockchain Companies that have been building encrypted information and currencies that cannot be modified or manipulated by entities not involved in the exchange of digital currencies.

The following companies make up Africa’s Top Ten Blockchain Companies.

Golix (formerly known as Bitfinance)

The largest Bitcoin Exchange in Africa. Individuals can use their bank account or mobile money to purchase and exchange bitcoins. A simple interface allows individuals to sign up, log in and find other users to purchase or sell bitcoins with.


Bitland works to improve record systems by combining automation and Blockchain technology. It provides services to individuals to survey land and record deeds onto the Bitshares Blockchain. This is done by streamlining and automating the entire land registration process. Long-term goals of Bitland include building enough infrastructures in developing countries to unlock billions of dollars in property rights.


AMoney unifies mobile wallets in Africa. It does so by combining multi-rail technology of the AMoney protocol, the Ripple protocol, the Stellar protocol, and the Blockchain technology, This enables a large volume of low-value cross-border payments.

Custos Media Technologies

Providing simple and sustainable solutions with the use of Bitcoin, Custos Media Technologies work to help the entertainment industry tackle piracy. By cutting edge digital content technologies that allow content owners to distribute, manage, and protect sensitive media, owners of any project can rest assured their ideas and content are protected.


Building Blockchain based solutions, Bankymoon offers consulting services for businesses that have involved into such things as the creation of the world’s first Blockchain smart metering solution for power and utility grids.


OTLW provides a global education system distributed via web technologies. An assessment model built on an Ethereum Blockchain supports the application.


Providing a top of the line platform, BitPesa allows users to trade in digital currency. Business and individuals from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria can send and receive payments. It also accepts Bitcoins form many parts of the world and exchanges it with local currencies.

Pay Fast

PayFast is a payment processing company that uses Blockchain technology to protect both sellers and buyers from fraud. It offers secure, instant, and easy transfers of money between online sellers and buyers,

The Sun Exchange

Focused on solar equipment, technology, and solar cells, The Sun Exchange creates a marketplace where people can purchase solar cells and have them power commercial and community solar plants. They arrange the solar equipment leases for individuals and organizations, arranging the revenue collection and distribution systems so that the sun powers a passive stream of rental income.


Chimera connects the home network to the electrical and cloud electrical devices around it. It does so by linking the Internet of Things (IoT( to real-time analytics.

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